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Psychic Readings - Reiki Healing - Spiritual Workshops

Leanne Griffiths is a Professional Psychic Medium/Spiritual Counsellor and Teacher based in the beautiful sunny suburb of Cronulla, Sydney 2230 NSW Australia.

Leanne communicates with Spirit (See, Hear, Sense, Feel and Know) and she uses her abilities as an empath and psychic intuitive to help and heal! You will always manage to have an enlightening experience and a little fun along the way; and some well-needed healing and closure when you need it.  

Following your dreams and living the life you want takes courage and practice. 

Leanne and Spirit can help to empower you to create your path to walk on! As spirit and the universe are always telling Leanne, it is never too late to change your path and enjoy your life!

Psychic Readings

Private Sessions Available:

Cronulla NSW 2230

  • Saturdays

  • Sundays

  • Mondays

Psychic Readings


$80 - 20 mins   

$120 - 30 - 40 mins

   $240 - 1 hour

To book call or text Leanne: 0402 254 846

Psychic Email Readings:

Click on the 'Buy Now' Button below to purchase a psychic email reading from Leanne Griffiths: 

2 questions answered $20

  • Email readings completed in 24 hours
  • Once purchased, please email Leanne: and submit your questions! 

    Psychic Phone Readings:

    To book a psychic phone reading with Leanne Griffiths choose your session time and click on the 'Buy Now' button below!

    Then phone or text 0402 254 846 to confirm an appointment. Leanne will call you on the day.

    Customer Testimonials:

    "Leanne is a like a bonafide-angel-of the-universe! No one compares. After a reading with Leanne, I walk away speechless, wondering how she’s able to offer such pinpoint accuracy, so consistently. It’s mind blowing! She’s so very thorough, yet quick as a bunny".

    • Emma, 41 - NSW

    "Magic doesn’t even begin to describe the amazing skills Leanne brings to her craft. Her professionalism combined with her generous spirit and warm personality are the perfect recipe for everything you want a card reading to be. And it’s because of all these qualities, her reputation is stellar amongst those that know her".

    • Sara, 28 - VIC

    "When I need to make an important decision and I need a guide to help me get it right — I go and see Leanne. I’ve asked her questions about my business direction, creative partnerships, real estate & domestic bliss, even love & relationships . . . and her readings have always given me a tremendous sense of empowerment to make the best possible choices".

    • Grace, 46 - NSW

    "I have read with many psychic readers, but never have I experienced such consistent, accurate and straight to the point readings like the ones Leanne delivers. She works at the speed of light, and the down-to-earth messages speak straight to your soul".

    • John, 51- NSW

    "She has the wisdom of a sage, the sensitivity of a healer, and the skill of a master. Her uncanny ability to put a voice to my intuition is deeply affirming and the insights Leanne offers on everything could only come from a spiritual medium of her caliber".

    • Ashley, 30 - QLD

    "A few months back, I found myself needing to make some big business decisions so I booked a session with Leanne. She gave me great insight: on how to move forward, how to leverage my network and grow my business. She’s fast, clear and she gets it! I’m so grateful to have her in my corner".

    • Matt, 35 - NSW

    How to find us:



    Text: 0402 254 846


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