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Professional Psychic Medium/ 
Spiritual Counsellor

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Psychic Readings

I am a professional Psychic Medium/Spiritual Counsellor and Teacher. 

I communicate with Spirit (See, Hear, Sense and Know) and use my abilities as an empathy and psychic intuition to help you with whatever it is you need.  I not only communicate with people that have passed on I can see picture and videos in my minds eye of future events. I then translate this into meaningful and helpful messages to help and heal.

I also use cards (based on the original tarot cards but little different) to help with any timelines or to touch on different areas.

leannegriffiths.net, tarot reading, reiki healing, psychic medium, healer

Psychic Readings
Private Sessions Available:

  • Saturdays

  • Sundays

  • Mondays
leannegriffiths.net, tarot reading, reiki healing, psychic medium, healer

Psychic Reading Prices:

  •    $80 - 20  mins

  •    $120  - 30 - 40 mins

  •    $240 -  1 hour

To book call or text Leanne: 0402 254 846

Psychic Email Readings:

Email Readings:
Click on the 'Buy Now' Button below to purchase an email reading 
from Leanne Griffiths: 

  • 2 questions answered $20  
  • Email readings completed in 24 hours

Once purchased, please email Leanne:

[email protected] and submit your questions! 


Psychic Phone Readings:

To book a phone reading with Leanne Griffiths choose your session time and click on the 'Buy Now' button below! Then phone or text 0402 254 846 to confirm an appointment. 

Leanne will call you on the day.

  • 20 mins $80

  • 30 - 40mins $120

  • 1 Hour  $240

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